Sirens in my head people talking loud but I can't hear a thing hidden
In the wood in your neighbourhood trying to escape but losing it in
The parking lot in the club at the motel when I'm drunk tell me where
You've gone baby what have I done in the parking lot in the club in your
Bedroom when I’m drunk tell me where you've gone baby what have I
Done silence in the wood I’m in your neighbourhood violence all around
I’m looking for a light lying on a bench waiting for a soul to pick me up
In the lost and found your voice in my head I'm so glad that you came
Though you tell me you don't understand why I hurt myself don't we all
Cut ourselves up until we feel the pain of who we are baby there's no
Victim there's no killer just you and me and no one to forgive I don't care
If I die if I can't lose myself so here I am yeah here I am braindead


Turn away girl when you talk to me junk nation I am sick of you wish
I could put my head in the sand information lika a cartoon my girl my
Girl I wanna feel fake world my girl you make it real my girl my girl I
Wanna feel fake world my girl you make me real bitch you make me
Real and when I see you... everywhere I turn every time I see their faces
Around I feel like I'm just another hollow man lost in the crowd when
You cut yourself up feels like I'm doing it to myself  I wanna smell you
I wanna touch you I wanna feel you like a wild dog fake tits big lips
Mommy buy me a new body blow up dolls nylon thongs and french
Perfume liposuction depilation hard porn pop corn rock hard implants
For graduation fast food hollywood do it cause it feels good nip and tuck
What the fuck if you mess up they can cut you up again botox silicone
Bad luck you're still alone superficial artificial you're just a piece of meat
Yeah get your pussy on the dancefloor sound bites politicians u.f.o.s
On the news think big it's all one commercial break white noise white
Trash everywhere I go it's all the same shit white noise white trash
Everywhere I look it's all the same crap you're empty take a pill unhappy
Take a pill you're hungry take a pill too tired take a pill can't sleep take a
Pill braindead take a pill can't fuck take a pill or join the army
Yeah yeah!


Heaven's in my hand nothing to pretend how I miss you there's a part of
Me I don't wanna be got nothing left to lose trying to forget that we ever
Met how I miss you I'm a fake with blood on my hands in a lonely space
I'm in chains I'm heading to the end alone now the shine in your eyes'
Gone what the hell are we doing here with only myself to fear I'm
Heading to the end alone now the shine in your eyes' gone I'm sorry that
I hurt you babe but baby we're just who we are now the shine in your
Eyes' gone I'm beating like a heart of stone heading to the end I just need
Your hand help me baby standing on the edge looking for a sign of where
I went wrong demons in my veins here I am again without you baby In
The blur where we're going where everything turns to dust I don't know I
Don't care if it's real or not there 'cause in war I found peace and in you I
Found me I suppose you're okay that you don't mind if I stay

Sister don't cry for me I'm back with the wolves
Howling with my friends my only brothers
Running and burning and breathing the spirit of god has fallen upon us
Lost in the silence breaking down heaven's door we're killing the lambs
We're tearing down heaven's door
We're killing the lambs
We're tearing down haven's door
We're killing the lambs


Where I'm going where I'm from on my yellow tricycle the nights I've
Been looking for for a way back home the things I'm going through the
Fear just to talk to you the friends I don't understand and you like a nail
In my hand you don't know the lies that I took for truth the days running
After you my heart that is beating fast if only the moment could last the
Night that I spent with you we don't remember do you the pain that'll
Never end 'cause you're like a nail in my hand you don't know for you I'll
Make it all blue my yellow tricycle with your two broken wheels around
And round and round my yellow tricycle you make the world all blue your
Voice in my head under my bed I know they're waiting for me out of the
Window maybe I'll jump and you you will rescue maybe my only friend my
Only maybe you will rescue me


In your leather jacket my cigarette will make a hole I'll end up in the
Ashtray blown into ashes by your love my girl she says that everything's
Gonna be fine that everything's gonna be alright she's off her head to
Treat me like a piece of crap and tell me it's gonna be all right I'll stay
With you baby I'll stick around with the ashes and the trash I'll stay with
You I won't let go she says she wants to be mine and she sleeps around
That's her way of unwinding when I'm wasted lying on the ground she'll
Just send me another drink she says it's not a crime in your leather
Jacket my cigarette will make a hole I'll end up in the ashtray blown into
Ashes by your love my girl she says that everything's gonna be fine that
Everything's gonna be alright she's off her head to treat me like a piece
Of crap and tell me it's gonna be all right I'll stay with you baby I'll stick
Around with the ashes and the trash I'll stay with you I won't let go


I am you you are me I want you you to suffer you're so sad so fucking
Mad that's too bad it's all you're good for I am blind but nevermind in
Decline in denial I want love I want love I want love want it in me acid
Rain streaks of pain in your face take it slowly follow the swine swallow
The brine be unkind it's all you're good for oh my love come back to me
I want you you don't want me I need you xome on closer I'm so sad so
Fucking mad it's too bad it's all I'm up for you are blind but nevermind
You're divine don't murder me oh my love I want love oh my love I need
It in me oh my love I want love oh my love come back to me the world's
A ball of dust and I'm the one who's spinning and only love can save me
If you don't want me to drag you right now in the muck in the mire you
Will see your inner lies

I am dumb
I am ugly
I am numb
I am twisted
I am wicked
I am hollow
I'm a swine
I am bad
I am scary
You get hurt
Am I sorry
I am bored
I am easy
I'll soon be dead and I don't mind


Take me where I was when I first met you lost myself today like I used
To do baby stop the car drop me off along the way I'll find my way home
Under the bridge with my illegal friend angels by my side there's no
Need to stand I know I can shout tell me you can hear when you closed
The door baby I just wanted more hanging with the ghosts downtown 
Heaven's where I wanna be coast is far away fire on the raft I'm grabbing
What I can memories of you I know I can shout tell me you can hear
When you closed the door I just wanted more I am floating away hanging
With the ghosts downtown like a splinter in my soul heaven's where I
Wanna be you don't know how sick I feel just like a dog left in the rain
Hanging around with the ghosts downtown... heaven's where I wanna be
And I wish you were out of me


I'll be the heat when you're cold I'll be the star in the night I'll be the
Peace when you get mad I'll be the river when your soul runs dry I'll be
The colours when you're black and white I'll be the ocean when you need
To stray I'll be the reason that you wanna stay I'll be the music when you
Wanna dance when there's no hope I'll be your last chance I'll be the
Smile when you're sad I'll be the peace when you get mad


Is it ok baby is it what you wanted to wipe your hurt away take your
Make-up off a minute will you show me who you are will you don't
Be scared of me babe show me who you are I will keep the cold away
So don't close yourself down it's ok baby questions in your eyes tell me
More than tears in this barren land I'm holding on to you


Heart drowning I'm not crying messing around in the backyard just
Trying to find out who I am lost byways nobody like you said ever missed
Me see faces and places and I miss you sometimes and all the people
And all the crap you are nothing more than name on a map so far your
Pretty garden your painted house I hoped you'd be happy more than
Your dog would be heart drowning suffocating your face reminds me I
Am still breathing and losing the rest of who I am sometimes I feel like
Ending the dirty game we keep playing let's take a walk to the other side 
Let's take a long walk and a pill for the ride how can you die when you're
Already dead where can you go there's nothing much ahead I'm bleeding
And I know I won't stop until I find the place the place where I can drop


Faceless nameless what were you thinking of your head hanging low
In the city of angels like a moth in the box walking barefoot you lost like a
Living deadmen you stalk the empty streets your dirty clothes in shreds
Sickened by your lust it's all the same to you dust to dust no one to blame
Cause we are all the same we're all losing the game you can suffer sure
You can to see if you still feel yeah you can hurt yourself you can laugh
You can cry carry a cross but it won't make you a man little boy ride
Away don't stare at me that way I'm reaching for a hand now the flames
Are closing in I don't know who I am but I can see through you
You can suffer sure you can see if you still feel yeah you can hurt
Yourself you can laugh you can cry carry a cross but it won't make you
A man


I don't know for sure you look like an angel is it such a crime just pack
Up your things babe before the city lights us before they find us before
They find out that we've crossed the line is it such a crime the hell with
Them all yeah the hell with them all they won't leave us alone they won't
Leave us alone I wish we could die with you in my arms and me in your
Arms and then... helicopters all over the sky tracking us fire in the sky
Fire in the sky holding your hand we got no choice but run away tears in
Our hearts tears in our hearts

I follow you again

We are now on the roof of the empire look how the sun shines how the
Sun shines this is the final breath this the final cut time to crash land
Time to crash land falling to a higher ground elevating from the clouds
Buildings wheeling around your face is so peaceful now this is the final
Breath this is the final breath all we have to do is follow the light follow
The light falling to a higher ground elevating from the clouds I wish I wish
We could die


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