God-blesse.ag.vu is a one-girl-project run by still quite a young student from Germany. The first time I heard of Saez must have been around 2003/2004, I remember "Sexe" being one of the first songs that came to my ears. Despite this being quite a badly chosen song for a first impression, my interest was aroused and I collected every piece of information I could find. It was in 2005 when I finally made the decision to build this website, since there was - and still is, for that matter - almost no information in English, and even less in my mother tongue, concerning Saez. Even though I barely spoke any French back then, I wanted god-blesse.ag.vu to be a website as informative as its French equivalents (which are very rare nowadays).
However, the fact that this is basically a one-girl-project doesn't mean that I did everything by myself. In fact, I was lucky to encounter quite a few helpful and kind francophones providing me with helping remarks. Sometimes, I still get messages of that kind and they always make me feel grateful.
So maybe it's not really a one-girl-project, but rather a one-girl-project with guest authors here and there.
That's why I want to say

  • Everyone who backed my plan and contributed to the publication of this website

  • Erik S. and everyone else who helped me translating lyrics and correcting mistakes

  • saezlive.net and saezworld.com, whose information, MP3, videos, fora and articles stimulated me to deal with Saez

  • Every single visitor







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