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MARCH 2013:

March 26, 2013: The lyrics of Messina are finally online. As this album doesn't include a booklet there might be some misheard lyrics, but anyway, I do have to thank the users of the saezlive.net forum who wrote them down.

March 25, 2013: I added the lyrics of "Boléro" "Elle était profonde" and "Quais de Seine", two new songs being part of the current setlist of the tour which started on March 19.

March 18, 2013: Today, Miami is finally being released. The new album includes ten tracks, both French and English. You can already check out the lyrics here.


February 16, 2013: The release of the album Miami has once again been postponed until March 18, 2013. To bridge the gap, one of the new songs will be put on saez.mu in just two days, on February 18.


January 25, 2013: The release of Miami has been postponed until March 04, 2013.


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