A few - more or less unimportant - facts about Damien and the rest of Saez, which weren't mentioned in the biography.



  • Damien admitted that he did have problems with alcohol and drugs and he is a heavy smoker
  • Damien's mother calls him "Dami"
  • Damien's surname is pronounced Sa-ez (it's Spanish and the short form of the name Sanchez), but the bandname like the french sixteen ("seize")
  • For some time, Damien liked to go to strip clubs (especially to the "Pink Paradise" and the "Hustler Club" in Paris)
  • Damien is pretty small
  • Damien is nearsighted and needs glasses
  • Damien grew up in an HLM ("Habitation à loyer modéré" = social housing) in a suburb of Dijon called Fontaine d'Ouche
  • After his graduation, Damien began studying history, but then withdrew from university and moved to Paris in order to become a singer
  • Damien helps poor people in Afghanistan via "Médecins Sans Frontières"
  • Damien was sentenced to six months in prison for refusing conscription
  • The best gig Damien has ever seen was a Beastie Boys concert
  • Damien's family didn't have a TV until he was thirteen years old
  • Damien attended the Collège Marcelle Pardé and the Lycée Carnot in Dijon

MARCUS BELL (1999 - 2000)

  • Marcus Bell was the bassist and keyboarder at the time of Jours étranges.


  • Thomas Coeuriot aka Tom Coeur is a French musician and joined Saez for the album J'accuse.


  • Geoff Dugmore is a British drummer, producer and songwriter who works for artists such as Tina Turner, Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams. He started playing with Saez for the album J'accuse.
  • www.onemgmt.dircon.co.uk

JAMES ELLER (2002 - )

  • James Eller is a British bass player, writer and producer who started with Saez in 2002 and is still a band member.
  • www.jameseller.com


  • Maxime Garoute started in 2002 as the band's drummer and recorded for the album J'accuse, though in 2010 he didn't go on tour with Saez. He works for a lot of different bands, but again found the time to join Saez for the tour in 2012.


  • Jean-Daniel Glorioso was the drummer at the time of Jours étranges.

CÉDRIC LE ROUX (2011 - )

  • Cédric Le Roux was born in 1974 and works as a guitarist. He, like Thomas, joined Saez for the album J'accuse.

FRANCK PHAN (1999 - )

  • Franck Phan, who is of Viatnamese origin, met Damien when he lived in Dijon where they both went to school. He's still part of the band and plays the guitar. Besides, he works as a so called sound designer under the name of "Oktopus" and is really into electronic music.

ANTOINE ROGGE (1999 - 2004)

  • Antoine Rogge is, like Franck Phan, an old friend of Damien and used to be the keyboarder and guitarist. In 2002 it was the first time that one of the musicians performed his own composition in the course of a concert: Antoine sang "Et ton cinéma" in front of 6000 fans at the Zénith in Paris. Although he no longer is an active member, he rejoined Saez for the acoustic concerts in 2008. Besides, he moved to Oslo for some time and worked there in order to diffuse French music in Norway; back in France, he published a book called Les Bienfaits de la lune in 2009 and at present, is working for the opera in Paris. His second book, called La Lune et ses pouvoirs, was published in January 2011.

PATRIK WEST (2002 - 2005; 2013)

  • From 2002 up to 2005 Pat West was Saez's guitarist. He was born in England in 1975 and is the father of a son. Nowadays, he's got his own radio show and works as a guitarist and drummer for mainly British bands.
    For the album Miami, Pat recorded once again with Saez.



  • A few channels refused to play Saez's music video "Sexe"; in the same clip, the actress recites a part of the balcony scene (act II, scene 2) of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet:
    "Thou knowest the mask of night is on my face;
    Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek
    For that which thou hast heard me speak to-night.
    Fain would I dwell on form- fain, fain deny
    What I have spoke; but farewell compliment!
    Dost thou love me, I know thou wilt say 'Ay';
    And I will take thy word. Yet, if thou swear'st,
    Thou mayst prove false. At lovers' perjuries,
    They say Jove laughs. O gentle Romeo,
    If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully.
    Or if thou thinkest I am too quickly won,
    I'll frown, and be perverse, and say thee nay,
    So thou wilt woo; but else, not for the world.
    In truth, fair Montague, I am too fond,
    And therefore thou mayst think my haviour light;
    But trust me, gentleman, I'll prove more true
    Than those that have more cunning to be strange.
    I should have been more strange, I must confess,
    But that thou overheard'st, ere I was ware,
    My true-love passion. Therefore pardon me,
    And not impute this yielding to light love,
    Which the dark night hath so discovered."
  • "No Place for Us" was first planned to be a rap song
  • At Arte's "Music Planet Tonight", during the song "Light the Way", Antoine Rogge quoted some lines of Georg Trakl's poem "Abendlied": 

    "Am Abend, wenn wir auf dunklen Pfaden gehn,
    Erscheinen unsere bleichen Gestalten vor uns.

    Wenn uns dürstet,
    Trinken wir die weißen Wasser des Teichs,
    Die Süße unserer traurigen Kindheit.

    Erstorbene ruhen wir unterm Holundergebüsch,
    Schaun den grauen Möwen zu.

    Frühlingsgewölke steigen über die finstere Stadt,
    Die der Mönche edlere Zeiten schweigt."


    "In the evening, walking on dark paths,
    Our pale figures appear in front of us.

    When we're thirsty we drink the white waters of the pond,
    The Sweetness of our doleful childhood.

    Deceased we rest beneath the elder,
    Watching the grey sea gulls.

    Spring clouds rise upon the gloomy town,
    Keeping silent about the friar's nobler times."


  • Katarzyna, Damien's ex-girlfriend, grew up in Johannesburg (South Africa), but her parents are originally from Poland. She lived in Africa for 14 years, went back to Poland and then, after three years, she moved to France. Damien says she speaks English, Polish and French fluently, even better than some some of his friends.
  • Katarzyna assisted Damien on God blesse/Katagena by singing (parts of) the songs "No Place for Us", "Route 666" and "Isn't It Love I"
  • The song "So Gorgeous" is about Damien's former relationship to Katarzyna
  • Damien wrote the songs "Isn't It Love", "Ice Cream Trip on an Acid Van" and "Light the Way" together with Katarzyna
  • Kasia is the pet name of Katarzyna
  • The lyrics of the triple album Varsovie - L'Alhambra - Paris deal mostly with the break up of Katarzyna and Damien; one song is even called "Kasia"  


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